Friday, 17 June 2011

I'm still here.......

.....busy sorting and tidying the craft room. So far 5 black bins bags full of fabric have gone to the charity shops/fabric bins for charity shops* and the equivalent of 3 big blue Ikea bags have gone to a friend. Another friend has got 2 big boxes of stuff to play with (with the possibility of more) and so far only one black bin bag has been filled with rubbish.

The stock that is normally in the dining room (where else!) now has a new home in the craft room and Anya has a new desk in her bedroom that she is very pleased with. I have spent far too much money on new shelving but it will look fabulous when it is all up. There are no pictures to this post as the camera is upstairs and I am down and am very tired after lugging box after box after bag of stuff down 2 flights of stairs :) There will be some more at the weekend (hopefully!)

*with the addition of 3 more black bins bags of stuff from us :)

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