Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Good and Happy Things!

I've been following Pip's Year Of Good Things and I have been joining in but not documenting it. Matt and I did a good thing this morning by going to see Anya in her recorder assembly and cheering her on - she was fab! I also did a good thing yesterday and went shopping with my mum - she had to return a dress and wondered if I would like to go too. So it was a good thing for her and me! You can totally do all the good things for yourself if you wish but I think it's good to strike a balance - strangers, friends, family, loved ones and yourself. So while I was shopping I bought a couple of things and decided to share - sharing the goodness as it were!

A cute Cath Kidston beaker for 50p - it's going in Taz as an extra cup, mug etc when we can't be bothered to wash up!

An apron - I can't decide whether to keep it as an apron and sell it in my vintage shop or to use the fabric for chickens.

And the cutest green velvet doggie draught excluder ever! He is called Dereck and he is fabulous! Love his little tongue!  I found him in the second shop we went in so I had to carry him around for the rest of the day. My arm hurts today but he was worth it :)

So good things all round!


WendyCarole said...

Love Dereck and the mug. The apron would make lovely chickens.

Twiggy said...

Derek is very cute, I'm sure he'd get on well with my doggy draught excluder Hector !!
Twiggy x

Swirlyarts said...

I need photographic evidence of Hector :) He sounds cute!

dropstitch said...

Loving the doggie draught excluder! Amazing!

meetmeatmikes said...

Gawsh! That velvet doggie is the super adorableness!!!