Saturday, 28 January 2012

Thrifty and fabulous Thursday

Thursday was a busy and fantastic day :) I went to see two shops - one already stocks Swirlyarts items but the chickens just weren't selling there so I collected them and have arranged to take in some new stock to see if that fits the area better than the chickens did! Fingers crossed! The other shop is in Accrington and is called One Planet and stocks Fairtrade, upcycled, and recycled goodies along with local items. As my stuff is upcycled and eco friendly AND I'm local I thought my work would be a good fit. And the manager agreed! So I have another order to make for there too :)

As you may have guessed it was also a good day for thrifting - and when I say good, I mean fantastic! Be warned - they are lots and lots of pictures!

The bottom 3 books were 3 for £1 and the top one was 20p. All look brand new!

These magazines were 20p each and have already been cut up for my inspiration book!

This is a huge piece of fabric and it was only £1!

This pair of tablecloths was also just £1 :)

Two shirts - the one on the right is a Fat Face one and cost £2.95 and the one on the left cost £3.49 and has tiny birds all over it!

This dress was £1.00 and is for Tara.

This tank top is for Anya but I'm not sure she likes it so her sister may well get it instead! It should have been £38 but I got it for £5.99 - still complete with tags :) It's handmade too!

Two cardigans - the one of the left was £4.49 and the navy one was £3.99.

This large button is actually a mini sewing kit :) It was mine for £1.

The Fraggle Rock jigsaw and the napkin rings are for Anya's Attic - I couldn't resist!

This little guy is part of a pair of bookends and were £2 :) He is resting on the best buy of the day......

A bookcase for £4! Yep really :)  The girls books were stored in two orange boxes and they weren't easily accessible so I'd wanted a bookcase for that space for ages. The thrift gods answered my prayers!!

And these clogs were £1 too!! I'm not sure if they are branded or not but the label inside is ripped.

I'm sure I have seen clogs with this kind of yellow and blue label before but I can't for the life of me find any reference to it at all. Does anyone else know if I'm right or if I'm imagining things? :)

*Yeah* The Eternal Magpie swooped in and told me that they are Torpatoffeln clogs :) I don't have to wrack my brains (and google) now to find them!


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Not had a good charity haul for AGES! You did really well! Love the retro spot fabric, and total bargain with the Swedish Clogs! :)

Eternal Magpie said...

What a fabulous haul! :)

I think the clogs are Torpatoffeln ones:

I used to have these in loads of different colours, they're so comfy I really miss them!

Swirlyarts said...

Oh thank you - Torpatoffeln they are!

Emily said...

Wow! Very jealous, wish we had some bargain charity shops near us!