Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lucky girl, that's me!

Why, you ask? Because I have won two giveaways in the past few weeks :) I didn't even realise I was included in the first from Laura at Dropstitch. She reached her 4th blogeversary the other week and rather than holding an actual giveaway, she decided to send some things out to 4 of her readers. And guess what? I was one of them which was a very nice surprise!

It's a very cool emergency sewing kit :) I love it and can't decide if it's going in my bag or Taz the campervan!

It's upcycled from a paint chip card.

And the contents. It will prove to be very useful :) Thanks Laura!

The second giveaway is one that I knew I had entered! I had to guess how many bowls there were in a picture on Facebook from Dove Street Pottery and I guessed near the amount :)

The colour is much better than this photograph shows - a subtle green shows through and the colour is much more vibrant.

And the stamp to show that David made it :) I love it!

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Tip Top said...

I love handthrown pots!! Many a happy hour I have spent (in my youth!) at a wheel!!