Thursday, 25 July 2013

Busy blah blah, excuses blah blah :)

Busy due to school holidays, frantic thinking about the new house, frantic thinking about how we managed to get this much stuff into this house and how it's all going to fit into the rooms we have ready in the new house, Country Living fair prep frantic thinking (not long to go to get lots of stock made!) oh and did I mention that it is school holiday so I have two extra helpers??

And breathe!! Things always work out in the end don't they? And to keep you happy here are some pictures of the lovely Ben Wishaw (he was Q in Skyfall) Well you can't have a picture less post now can you ;)


Matt said...

What kind of self-proclaimed computer genius would plug a dodgy laptop straight into their network??

Even PC World aren't that stupid.

Swirlyarts said...

Yeah but he does it by looking very cute :) And there would be no dramatic chase scene otherwise which would make for a very boring film!

dropstitch said...

Phwoargh! That is all :)
(I'm trying not to stress you out more by going, "Oh my goodness! Your books! The packing! The moving! The logistical nightmare and humphing!" Darn, I said it.)

Twiggy said...

I feel your pain, I'm trying to declutter, decorate,sort allotment and entertain Twiglet - doh!!
Lovely photos, I really enjoyed The Hour, Ben & Dominic West - fantastic and ding dong!!
Btw, I love your church - Mr Twigs said I've to tell you to go on Restoration Home, so the BBC can give you a wad of cash to help your renovation :)
We are currently decorating like mad, with a view to changing estate agents!!
Twiggy x

Girl_Industries said...

He is dreamy. How about a photo of him at the bottom of random packing boxes like grown up woman's Pokemon? You'll be unpacked in no time.