Saturday, 13 July 2013

Garden tales

So the good weather has been here for a few days now and the garden is springing into action like mad (those bloody weeds!)

This is the view out of our front door down the steps to the gate - there are lots of plants packed into that space!

These are on the left as you come out of the front door - beans, many carrots and tomatoes.

And these are on the right - peas galore, more tomatoes and some beetroot too.

The front windowsill/floor/bench - millions of radishes, garlic, onions (I have just pulled some and they are drying in the sun right now!) spinach and chard.

The raspberries are looking better and new growth is coming on the ones I thought had died! I have high hopes for these in years to come!

The courgette seems to like it's pot and is growing well although the pumpkins that I planted out ready to grow up the trellis have been eaten by slugs :(

And the strawberries are doing well - the ones I bought from the garden centre that is. The wild ones I'm growing from seed finally have some small green shoots so they may be planted out later in the year depending on how they look.

How is your garden growing?


WendyCarole said...

It's all looking great.

Pookledo said...

Mines gone crazy!