Monday 26 August 2013

Do you read Handmadeology?

Then you should! It's great for handmade businesses and gives lots of practical advice for your online shops (if you have them) and has some good tips for photography. I don't always follow their advice as I don't have much time to spare but you certainly should!

One of their recent posts about copycats struck a chord* with me and gives a new perspective on something that can make your heart sink. Well worth a quick read :)

*My work isn't rocket science but it still hurts when people copy it - boo to copiers who have no imagination of their own!

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Nat said...

Thank you for posting this Lynsey. I think the fear of being copied has knocked the drive to create and sell right out of me at times! I'm currently gearing myself up for another attempt at selling handmade (after quite a break) and one of the things that has been playing on my mind is copyright issues. Feel a bit better having read the Handmadeology post now :-) xx