Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Taking stock

I've been inspired by the lovely Pip and the lovely Kate to write a post about what I am doing right now. Join in if you like :)

Making : lots of lists of things to do
Cooking : with things from the garden
Drinking : too much Pepsi Max. I need to cut down!
Reading: An older kids book by Henning Mankell
Wanting: an allotment but I'm currently 100 on the waiting list!
Looking: at my cute Harry dog
Playing: Plants Vs Zombies on my DS
Wasting: time on Facebook!
Sewing: I'm mending clothes at the moment
Wishing: for chickens
Enjoying: where I live
Waiting: for my house to be magically tidied :)
Liking: that the girls will try most foods once - see picture
Wondering: how I an make my garden more productive veg wise
Loving: nice friends
Hoping: to make it out one night soon with above mentioned friends
Marvelling: at how fast my girls are growing up (2 in juniors soon!)
Needing: a cleaning and organising fairy
Smelling: the aforementioned cute dog - he needs a bath!
Wearing: my thrifted cherry sundress that is made from a tablecloth (not by me!)
Following: my family's lead and trying to relax more
Noticing: lots more butterflies are around this year
Knowing: that everything happens for a reason
Thinking: too much! My brain is extra busy at the moment.
Feeling: happy
Bookmarking: Well not bookmarking but adding lots of lovely pins on Pinterest
Opening: a Twix bar :)
Giggling: at some of the grown up things my girls are saying
The girls trying (and enjoying) Japanese food in London

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