Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ahhhh Nostalgia!

I was reading this post by Laura the other day about earworms and children's TV theme tunes and decided to go and look myself on You Tube for TV I remember from my childhood. Only do this is you have about an hour to spare though!

Fraggle Rock!!!! OMG I loved Fraggle Rock and loved the Doozers. I also might have got a bit scared when the Gorgs appeared (the big people!) And looking up fun facts just now I also remembered Marjory the Trash Heap!

Trap Door!!!! Bloody brilliant :)

Jamie and the Magic Torch - sigh. I tried so many times to get a helter skelter slide to open up under my bedroom floor but it never happened!

I didn't remember watching this one until I watched the clip then the theme tune came flooding back.

Count Duckula!!

The Shoe People - you can watch full episodes on You Tube too. I introduced the girls to it a few years ago! That and Dungeons and Dragons!

Terrahawks!! I *ahem* have a Terrahawks annual somewhere that I bought a couple of years ago!

There's also Superted, Thundercats, Dogtanian - I could go on and on! Do look at Laura's post too as she has some on there that I haven't shared such as The Flumps.

Do you have any favourite kids TV shows? If so do share!

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dropstitch said...

Ha! You've put in pretty much all the ones I wanted to share but missed out for fear of never emerging form YouTube. Trap Door was so good! Fraggle Rock was pretty much the highlight of the whole week at one time. And Mysterious Cities Of Gold? Epic!