Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Erm, yeah.....

.....so I'm going to be tidying the craft room for a few days I think :)

This is the doorway - piled full of random stuff that needs to be put away. The red thing is a lid for a box that is there to stop the dog getting in to eat threads off the floor which he enjoys doing!

The view from the doorway - the black bags are fabric that needs to go to the fabric boxes in the recycling centre but they just haven't made it yet.

And this is why no ironing gets done in my house! It has been cleared now but only for fabric ironing :)

Anyone else having a new year sort out?


dropstitch said...

It's not so bad really. My whole house looks like this... but worse! I spent all day today doing jobs and it hasn't even made a dent. Save me!

Emma/Itzy said...

I need to...but seeing yours makes me feel a little better! haha :D

Twiggy said...

My spare bedroom looks like there has been a computer massacre - I must stop letting Mr Twigs take the back off things ;)
Twiggy x

Pookledo said...

The spare room is a bomb site after doing fairs throughout December and then having to pack everything up quickly for guests on NYE.