Thursday, 19 March 2015


Alas, not my own yet (last time I checked I was 100th on the waiting list!) but one that is run by Community Solutions North West as an addition to the food bank in Burnley. Basically I wanted to do some volunteering and decided that the food bank was the place I wanted to volunteer. CSNW run the food bank alongside lots of other good things for the community like befriending, street soccer and a fabulous thing called Repaint. When I heard that L (who runs the food bank side of it) was looking to set up allotments to provide fresh food for the food parcels, I was in like a shot!

We have some poly tunnels behind head office in Accrington which are pleasant to work in at the moment but that are going to be ridiculously hot in the summer! There is a lot growing in there already and we are using these to start off a lot of seeds ready to be transferred to the other allotment plots. Craig Heap (Olympic gymnast and Burnley resident) gave some land from his private allotments to the food bank so we also have some outdoor allotments to work on.

They were farmers fields so the soil underneath is going to be wonderful with all the manure on it but as you can see by the pile, there is a lot of grass to take off the top before we can start planting the potatoes out!

The view isn't too bad either and it's going to get much more pleasant as the weather warms up! I volunteer every Friday (possibly a bit more if I have time during the summer) and I've already asked L if the dog and girls can come and help during holidays and it's been approved!

Roll on summer :)

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WendyCarole said...

:) I am sure you will enjoy it. It’s very satisfying. :) Let’s hope the weather plays nicely.