Tuesday, 16 June 2015

10 things I'm good at

1. Being a mum

Well I like to think so but others comment on how nice and polite the girls are so I think I'm doing a good job! My parenting technique is to let the girls be on their own a lot (it does wonders for boredom!) but to be there on hand if they need me. I'm definitely not a helicopter parent! P.S. Matt is a fab dad too but this post is about me :D

2. Reading

Well duh! If you read this blog often then you will now that I love books and often have at least one on the go all the time. If I'm not reading a book then I'm reading things online - blogs, news, opinion pieces etc. I'm fairly indiscriminate about the things I read too although if it's terrible then I have no qualms about getting rid of it once read. I think I've only ever given up on a book once and that was Little Women many years ago.

3. Remembering faces

This comes in handy when watching TV and you spot a face you recognise but can't remember where from. I'm normally the one saying 'Oh yes, he was in a crime thing and was chasing the policeman down an ally when a colleague shot the policeman in the back' From that, Matt normally has a good chance of remembering what it was and then remembering where we have seen him before.

I'm equally good with people in real life :)

4. Listening

Many times over the years I've been told I'm a good listener - I also like to think that I am good at giving advice too but only when asked for. I don't like those people who come along and say 'Well, what you need to do is......' when you haven't asked for their opinion!

5. Bargain hunting

Again regular readers of this blog won't be shocked by this admission! An example of this is my wedding dress costing me the grand total of 50p in a charity shop!

It did cost another £50 to have a hideous bow taken off the front and all of the roses sewn onto the bodice but still, it's a bargain!

6. Sleeping

I'm ace at sleeping :) I will fall asleep anywhere at any time. I also have cracking dreams too - very vivid and detailed and I tend to remember them for a good hour after I wake up.

7. Helping others

I've been told off in the past for taking too much care of others at the detriment to myself but I can't help it. I feel like I'm destined to help others in various ways - by listening, volunteering, suggesting ideas or just plain giving money/cups of tea/food.

8. Procrastinating

I'm very, very good at this :) If there is something to be done you'll find me doing something else! Although that doesn't extend to cleaning or ironing - I'm usually not that desperate to get out of doing something else!

9. Not caring what others think

Me with my 'new to me' geography teacher patches jacket! After years of being bullied/picked on/talked about for being different I have developed quite a thick skin when it comes to people talking about me/commenting about my clothes/hair etc. As I've got older this has developed into a 'don't give a damn what you are thinking about me' attitude :D

10. Gardening

I like experimenting in the garden to see what does and doesn't grow! We are having great fun with seeing what veggies and fruit take and which things like growing where. This photo was taken last year when I changed the garden from something that wasn't working to this. Hopefully there will be more photo's soon of the veggies that are growing - the raspberries plants have really taken over that front bed so fingers crossed they will all fruit!

Later in the week/month/year (!) there will be a 10 things I'm bad at post ;)


WendyCarole said...

Great to see a post from you. You can add making stuff to your list. Love your garden.

veronica said...

What about the super stuff you make like your chickens, labels, badges etc.Nice to see you back. Vera.