Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Fabric coasters

I went on a trip to Ikea yesterday for two clip lights and the bulbs that go into them - I ended up spending over £100!! Why does that always happen in Ikea?? I bought loads of fabric (of course) and bits and pieces for the craft fair although it's not actually until October! Anyway, I spotted a trolley full of fabric in bargain corner but none of it was priced so I waited until the guy was free and I'm so glad I did - lots of gorgeous bedlinen for £4.50 a bag!! The bags had a couple of duvet covers in them with a few pillow cases too - for £4.50. As my friend Alex would say, 'It can't be done!'
Here's a piccie of the pile of material I bought from bargain corner - I bought loads more but it's already in my craft room and I can't be bothered to go and get it to photograph!

Here are some coasters I have made for my friend for her birthday - so Nicola if you reading this don't look at the next picture!

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