Wednesday, 9 May 2007

How much do I love.........

........reprodepot?? I ordered lots of their fabric at the end of April and it has just arrived today!! Obviously I couldn't get it out of the box until the girls had gone to bed but as soon as they did I pulled it out into my hot little hands (I'd obviously washed them first though!) So big pile's of fabric - this next bit is just going to be lots of photo's...

I'm not sure which of these is my favourite - I really like the ones on the right hand side.

The flowers and strawberries on the left are corduroy - yummy!!

Some very cute ribbon that came today too, also from Reprodepot. Funnily enough, once I had placed my order I went to look at Some Girls Wander and this post shows that she likes knitting ribbon too! I must have good taste!! Seriously though go and look at her blog because she has great clothes and fantastic style - oh and she is also a fellow crafter and does some great work. Check out her main blog here.

I will try to do another reprodepot post soon but it's nearly bedtime now!!

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