Tuesday, 15 May 2007

More reprodepot

I said I would post up some more pictures of the stuff I bought from reprodepot and here they are! This sellotape type stuff is brilliant - it has such cute little figures on. In the photo you can see the frogs - they are sheltering from the rain - and the pigs and ducks.

Gorgeous ribbon I couldn't resist! They do matching fabric too but they had sold out of it all - boo. I'll just have to place another order then!

I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this fabric come out of the offcuts pile - it is perfect for my mum! There isn't enough to make her a bag so I might make a plain cotton bag and use the material as a pocket on the outside or I might be brave and make her a purse - can't decide which yet.
This next fabric I think I will use for the girls but not quite sure how yet. I like the stuff at the back - I might expand on the chicken doorstop idea and just make plain ones but I will see.

This last fabric is the piece de resistance (my French is appalling). As soon as I saw chickens I had to buy it. Ever since I started making the chicken doorstops I have felt compelled to buy things with chickens on. I bought some little wooden chickens the other day to stick onto cards. Anyway the fabric........


Blooming Felt said...

OMG - how fab is that fabric ... and those ribbons ??!!! I'm off to spend some money at reprodepot ;0) Sarah x

Swirlyarts said...

Isn't it great? They keep adding new lines though too so whenever I go back to have a peek there is always more there!!

Anice said...

What fab ribbon and fabric..I have to stay away from that website or I will have no money left!!