Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Shoes and vintage dresses

My husband would tell you I have too many pairs of shoes but I don't agree! Anyway the shoes in this post are all for my two girls. We went to Tommy Ball's in Blackburn and it is just fantastic!! They stock all sorts of shoes but they mainly have Clark's shoes which normally cost about £28 a pair - that's for the kids ones! They also have Start - rite shoes which are also fab but cost £35 a pair for kids. Anyway the top shop (as it is known locally) stocks slight seconds but they are £9.99 a pair for shoes!! The bottom shop has worn once shoes at £4.49 and they do have a bargain bit where the shoes are very, very worn for 50p. Anyway I got 3 pairs of shoes for the girls from the bottom shop, worn once (although they look like they have been worn once in the shop!) for a bargain price of £13!! They are all Start -rite so would have cost £105 new! Here's some nice pictures of them.

I've also been promising pictures of some vintage dresses I have. Finally managed to get a chance to take photo's of them! I wore this one to a wedding at the weekend with black linen trousers and turquoise shoes - very smart! It looks a bit old ladyish on the hanger but it's not really once I've got it on. It also looks like it has been made for me as it fits perfectly and shows off my (ample) curves!

Close up of the fabric here

This yellow dress is gorgeous (and much brighter than it looks here) and was bought in Oxfam for the bargain price of £5! It's slightly too snug at the moment but I'm hoping that it will fit soon - I'm going to wear it in winter with a long sleeved black top and black tights - I will look like a giant bumble bee!

I bought this next dress on a recent trip to London. It was in a vintage shop and is more than I would usually pay for a dress (£30) but I just love it! It's handmade and looks like it used to be a tablecloth - it's that kind of material. Some of the smocking is going but I have a book that tells me how to fix it. Whether I get round to it is not the issue!

And last but by no means least is the red dress! Again a bit old lady looking but it does look good on - I'm picturing it with black tights and patent shoes. It reminds me of a mod dress - but that could just be the long sleeves and the hem!!

Close up of the buttons on the bust area. This dress was £3 in my local charity shop. It's one of those that are independent and it has the most fabulous stuff in there. And the best thing is it's name - it's for a horse rescue centre and it's called Only Foals and Horses - hee hee hee!!


Anonymous said...

Fab shoes!!

Anonymous said...

those shoes remind me of some that my mom use to make me wear...I was such a tomboy and didn't want shoes with flowers I think they're so fun!!