Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Drowning in apples

But in a good way! Here's one pot of apple starting to bubble on the hob to turn magically into stewed apples perfect for pies and crumbles that Matt is very good at making. He added some Weetabix to the crumble topping last weekend and it tasted delicious.

The top photo is one of the boxes of apples that arrived at the weekend from Matt's dad. We got two and the bubbling pot is one of them!! I'm trying to hunt out some recipes for apple chutney/jam/pickle etc so if you know of any then let me know.

I was busy on the computer this morning and Tara was very quiet in the corner - this is why!!

Luckily it was a Crayola brand pen and it washed off very easily - the lesson there is to make sure you have cleared away all the pens - check under the front of the sofa, behind the toy box etc because wherever there is a pen Tara will find it!

And I promised a photo of me dancing at Anya's party so here you go! I'm doing musical statues with Emily but I didn't win :( I was enjoying myself though!

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Anonymous said...


The Chicken paperweight was very well received! (This is the one where she did have chickens before the extention was built and she leaves tommorow for mat leave...)

She loved it!! So thanks very muchly!