Thursday, 22 November 2007

New stuff

Some new tags here that I made yesterday with the paint card ones. Made from some vintage children's books that had a couple of water damaged pages so they couldn't be sold so I had them!!

Cute little Beatrix Potter tags - I might give some to my sister as a presnt at Christmas cos she hates Beatrix Potter! Only kidding Sarah if you are reading :)

I was also featured in a treasury on Etsy yesterday so I obviously grabbed a screenshot of it for my Flickr group. A nice Christmas themed treasury.

Did you spot the mini chickens? Did you? Did you?! I'm going out this afternoon to spend an afternoon crafting with my friend Alex and our children (not hers and mine just our combined children!) so I will hopefully have some piles of envelopes to show you later!

Edited to say - bugger!! I'd forgotten that I had put the Beatrix Potter tags in yesterdays post. Oh well, good job they are pretty :)

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Poisoned Apple Craft said...

I just love those Baetrix Potter tags!