Thursday, 20 November 2008

Quickest sale ever!

Last night I popped these gift tags onto Etsy and then tweeted about them.

Imagine my surprise when they sold (along with another set!) 15 minutes later! I'd heard of things selling straight after being listed but it has never happened to me before. I was very pleased :)

I'll be testing my luck later and list some more tags on Etsy - here's a sneaky peek for you.

These are Beatrix Potter ones

And these are from a couple of fabulous 1970's books featuring a very cute baby - they were kindly donated by Daisie.

I'll be posting lots of new goodies (including more tags from the books above) over the next few weeks as I have lots of things I have made :)

*Update* Both sets of tags are now up in my Etsy shop.


Miss Crafty said...

The Beatrix Potter ones are gorgeous!

Natalie said...

Nice one! I love the Beatrix Potter ones too!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the quickest sale! love the last one too, cuties!

Tip Top said...

Whohoooooo!!!!! Well done!

Tweed Thoughts said...

Cute idea and congrats on the sale. Twittering works!!!