Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Two posts in one day!

But I couldn't resist! I've been outside for a spell this morning taking product photographs in the glorious sunshine we have had here today and I took some of our surroundings too.

This is our front garden - unfortunately it isn't all ours (only to the gate at the bottom of the steps) but it our local park - not a bad view though!

And this was the view looking up - not a sight you see that often in Burnley :)

And because I was outside taking product photos then Tara had to bring her camera outside too and take photo's with me - above she is standing on the bench and taking photo's of Daddy who was inside working.

And here she was taking photo's of the leaves and being cheeky! I'm sure over the next few days I will be boring you with lots of product shots!!


Anonymous said...

aww the sunshine is great! I love the pics of tara with her camera

natural attrill said...

Was nice to meet you at the craft fair.
Fab photo's! esp. the one through the leaves.
Are you near to Townley Park?

ei! kumpel said...

oh my, your girl is so beautiful! :)

xx margarida