Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Turns out that the people who lived here in 1974 (we have newspaper stuffed into cracks to prove it!) thought that blocking up an old doorway with marine plywood and tiling on top of it would be a good idea. They also though that leaving bloody great big gaping holes in the wall behind said tiles would be good. We knew the house was bodged in lots of places but stuffing newspaper into cracks in the brick work instead of doing it properly is a step too far. Turns out the wall between the bathroom and the hallway has to come down as it is only supported by the framework for the old door and the one that was blocked up. It seemed a bit dangerous when the plumber lent on it and it moved!!!!!

Bugger :(


Tip Top said...

Whattt???!! That is bad news

Tweed Thoughts said...

Poor you! I'm sure you'll have a lovely bathroom at the end of it all though :-)

Natalie said...

Oh Blimey! Wobbly walls ain't good! Hope it all gets sorted soon.

Jennifer Rose said...

that really sucks :/
the walls here move too, ******* builders :p One of the many reasons we wouldn't buy the flat if we had the money :p