Monday, 14 February 2011

How new products are formed in the land of Swirly!

Firstly it starts with my ideas book that comes everywhere with me in my handbag. If I know I am going somewhere where my handbag isn't needed but my ideas book might then it still comes with me!

It's a Paperchase book that I got from a church fete for 20p. The paper inside is lovely to write on.

Here is a page of gift tags ideas I drew the other day. I'm really not a good artist which is why my finished designs are quite simple. They are also simple as I draw each gift tag by hand so they need to be fairly easy for me to draw over and over and over again!

I like adding little notes to myself too as to what needs changing. A tick next to the idea means that I like the idea and I can start to draw it - just like the sheep has on the photo above!

And here is the sheep gift tag! He couldn't stay white (or cream in actuality) as he didn't show up at all hence why he is a grey sheep.

The sheep idea grew into a hippo idea - I'm not sure which shape I like best yet.

And the hippo idea grew into a pig and a lion - bizarre 'friends' I know but that is how my mind works!

The owls were something I have been trying to do for a while but I just couldn't get the shape right. I've got the shape but then the colouring wasn't quite right. The owl above is a homage to the queen of pink and orange, Ms Curly Pops!

Now the colouring on these is a lot better (the alternate stripes work better than one big block of colour) and I really like the colour combinations of the pink/orange and the green/blue.

These tags above are from random pictures that I have drawn in my book. I love the idea of weather gift tags but so far I have only done the two above. I tried drawing the sun several times and they all turned out appallingly! The houses are cute and I like the style of the butterfly but not the colours. I'm really not sure about the bee as I think his wings are wrong.

Anyway, that is what goes on in my head/ideas book. I would love to know what you think of these tags - which ones you like and which ones you don't. Please don't be shy and really do tell me if any are rubbish!

P.S. Blogger you really need to sort out your templates as the spacing between pictures/words is just being really random at the moment even when it looks fine as it is written.


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your little book of life. I'm always intrigued by artist's sketches and the way ideas form. Cute tags, like the weather ones the best - a snowy one might prove a challenge too. Marie x

Anonymous said...

I do this too!! I am no artist... mines almost like a scrapbook too with things that I find inspiring... Thank you for sharing it with us :-)

and I agree.. Blogger is getting worse for spacing!!


Tweed Thoughts said...

Great to see your design process Lynsey - I think the tags are great. If I was you I might make them into individual handmade greetings cards and charge a much higher price! :)

Wannabe writer said...

I like your weather tags... how about just a snowflake ... as Minky says. The pigs are divine!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I have an ideas book that comes everywhere with me too. I would not publish mine however as my rough sketches are awful! AND I'm supposed to be a designer, ha!
I ♥ the bee tag best, the wings are so cute, and the weather too :)
Also, thanks for your tip on US Thrifting....I shall be looking at that. I was sooooo jealous when you went super thrifting to Alabama so I get to have a go this summer, yay!

WendyCarole said...

I like them all but I really really like the sheep because she looks like she has attitude and the owl looks so cheerful.

june at noon said...

I especially like the owls (and not just because owls are trendy), and the little house. For the sunshine, what if you modified that lion drawing? It's mane looks sort of like rays...

GiddyStuff said...

I love the owls and the hippos. And I agree about Blogger, i'm finding that I post things and have to reedit them as they've gone wonky!

dropstitch said...

The owls look super lovely with all their different colourful stripes. They are a definite winner. I am also really loving the lions.

CurlyPops said...

How sweet is that little ideas book! I really need to have something small like that to carry around in my handbag.
I love love love your colourful gift tags. They're just so happy (especially the pink and orange owl of course)!

Tip Top said...

Do like the bee as it is with dinky wings!