Friday, 9 December 2011

Eco friendly gift wrapping :)

As you know I like to try to be green and eco friendly over here at Chez Swirly and I was dreading the inevitable piles of wrapping paper that come along at this time of year. So I was very pleased when I remembered an idea I had seen on Soule Mama about making present wrapping from fabric. I've cheated and didn't make them from scratch but you may well want to do that (and I may well in the future!)

Ta da - fabric gift sacks/bags :)

This one is made from an Ikea pillowcase (folded in half lengthways) with some fabric additions - oh with buttons of course! This one holds lots of Mr Potato heads*

This used to be Matt's jumper (until I shrunk it - ahem!) I prettied it up with a chicken :) It's holding a rectangular box*.

This gift sack used to be a skirt that I made for the girls - it's not good enough to be handed down so I sewed the bottom up and voila - it's a gift bag! This one holds a paperback book and some playmobil*.

If you don't want to sew at all then do what I did with this last one and just use a pillowcase tied with some lace! This one holds a towel*

All the sacks have been tied with lace or ribbon but you could turn the sacks into drawstring bags or use velcro. Do let me know if you make anything like this - I'd love to see :)

*not actual presents just examples :)


louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

Love these! So cute :)

GiddyStuff said...

What a fab idea x I've got that IKEA duvet set, perhaps it's time for an upcycle!!

Jackie @ Fred-and-Cissy said...

Very cool idea!