Monday, 5 December 2011

I'm still here :)

You may not have thought so by the lack of posts on my blog but I am still here! I had two fairs this past weekend and I had lots of stock to get ready for them. I really shouldn't have bothered with the second one as it was awful! But hey, looking forward now :)

For the next couple of days I will be chopping up nana linens to make chickens for Birdcage Vintage. They aren't going to the shop (yet) but are going to a fair in Otley next weekend on behalf of Birdcage. I will also be tidying my house like mad as it has been neglected for the past few weeks! I have a huge pile of clothes waiting to be put away and the house needs a deep clean.

Back tomorrow hopefully!

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Tweed Thoughts said...

Hi Lynsey - lovely inspiring pile of fabric! I've managed to miss the craft fairs here altogether - never mind, there's always next year!

Hope you sell lots of vintage-fabric chickens :)