Monday, 25 June 2012

Olympic torch

In the UK most people are going mad about the Olympics (I'm personally not fussed) but when we found out that the torch was coming to Burnley, we knew we had to go and see it. And we did - twice!

This is Matt and the girls waiting for the torch to come through the town centre.

And here it is being carried by a 13 year old but I can't remember her name!

And there it is going past us. There was lots of cheering and very nice policemen who were riding by on their motorbikes giving high fives to all the kids :)

This picture is much closer to home and we came up here after we had been in town. The torch bearers etc had lunch at the local theatre and then carried on with the route from there.

And here is the torch bearer (a different one this time) I don't think she was very sporty although I down't blame her for walking as Manchester Road is fairly steep in places!


WendyCarole said...

I am not fussd either but we did venture down to Bradford City centre to see it yesterday. I didn't particularly inspire me. I am usually looking forward to the Olympics but not this year :(

Tip Top said...

Ah, me and Samuel saw it too in Blackburn town centre on Saturday - blink and it was gone!! Pics on my blog!!

Jennifer Rose said...

i went to see the torch in Dundee, figure its not something you will have many chances to see :)