Saturday, 1 December 2012

New badge packaging

My old badge packaging looked like this.

They were then wrapped in plastic which protected them a bit but didn't look as good as I would like.

This is the new packaging - the cardboard is the recycled card I bought last month and the fabric is felted jumpers. I may use thicker fabric too as I think that would work. I am also planning to print the information onto the top but I can't be bothered to wrestle with the printer to figure out where I would need to place the card etc!

Do let me know what you think :)

P.S. If you are wondering what all the new products/packaging ideas are for then I am getting ready for BCTF in April - it will be my first trade fair and I am papping myself! I'm also trying to get slowly organised so that everything doesn't get on top of me in the next few months - hahahahahaha!

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Tip Top said...

I can help with printer placement if you want?! Do like the new packaging!