Wednesday, 19 December 2012


But prettifying at the same time so it's not all bad :)

I don't know about other bloggers/readers with school aged children but at this time of year we get inundated with Christmas cards and those Christmas cards tend to be tiny (what is it with children wanting to give out tiny cards?) So much so that they tend to get lost! Not this year though :)

Ta da! Who says a bit of garden string and some wooden pegs can't be fabulous? :D

Bad picture but you get the idea and yes, my hall is that dark even with the lights on!

Is that a Dot Cotton Christmas card you spy? Why yes it is! A lovely lady called Laura makes them and you really should pop over to her shop and buy some. She has a Pat card, a Frank card and an Ethel card too :)

Next year I'm planning on making a proper garland (possibly one with pom poms on) instead of the garden string and prettifying some wooden pegs with a Christmas theme but, as you know me well, you will probably see the garden string and bare pegs for a good few years yet!


Anna said...

I think it looks lovely as it is! And yes we have hundreds of tiny cards around here too. I've had to put up an extra string this year now Laura is in school.

VintageVicki said...

That is a great idea - could have done with that when the boys used to bring loads of cards home from school. Much easier now they are teenagers - they don't do cards!!

Emma/Itzy said...

Haha I love the grumpy cat next to Dot! :D

Tip Top said...

At least you've got yours displayed - ours are on a pile (neat) on the floor in front of the hearth! Trophy explosion so no room!!