Wednesday, 4 September 2013

52 books in 52 weeks - part eight

My reads for the last month :) 

I have read Animal Farm once before and although I enjoyed it again I much prefer 1984 by the same author.

This book is brilliant and is well worth reading if you get the chance. It's about a bookbinder called Dora Damage and basically what happens in her life.

I was really looking forward to reading this book and it was a huge disappointment! The blurb promised great things and I struggled to finish it. It's gone to the charity shop already!

Anya took this on holiday and I borrowed it when she had finished it. Don't read it in a public space if you are at all emotional - you look daft crying over a kids book let me tell you!

Someone I know online was reading this (Hi Laura!) and I knew it was on my shelf somewhere so I dug it out to take on holiday. Again it is well worth reading if you get the chance - it follows the lives of a family of missionaries who go to Africa and what happens to them through the decades.

42/52 - only 10 to go to reach my target by the end of December :)


dropstitch said...

Oh no! You read the Poisonwood Bible! I meant to get back to you to tell you not to, but you don't seem too traumatised. I'm still gut wrenching over that "incident" - full-on nightmares and everything! After that point, I was really too sad to enjoy the rest of the book. I'm now reading Birdsong - eqaully upsetting. I need something happy to read next, though it's harder to really get into something that's all uplifting, I think. Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

Ohhh you've named a few here I haven't read, will have to get my mitts on them. I just finished Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French & I very much enjoyed it!