Monday, 23 September 2013

Some thrifty finds

On the way to the dentist (which is where I was this morning) I pass a fabulous charity shop called Emmaus and I always pop in! It's a huge building (it was a former school) and it's packed full of all sorts of good things.

The tea towel and the squirrel bowl are from there and were 50p each. The two books are from the smaller hospice charity shop across the road and were also 50p each. And thank goodness for changing rooms in charity shops. I spied a nice looking gold coloured skirt (nice gold not nasty gold) and when held up against me it looked like it would come to just above my knees. It was a grown up version of a ra-ra skirt and was much nicer than it sounds! However when I tried it on, my bum, hips and stomach made it stop at mid thigh level and while I'm a big believer in wearing what the hell you like and not pandering to 'dressing for your body shape' (I hate that phrase!), it didn't suit me and I would have felt self concious wearing it. Phew, long sentence there!

To sum up my hatred of that phrase here are two of my pins from Pinterest - one a bit rude (pixelation not mine) and one not so rude.

Are you on Pinterest? Do you pin brilliant stuff? Let me know so I can take a look :)

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WendyCarole said...

love the tea towel

I got a rather nice bright table cloth at the vintage fair in Saltaire on Saturday.