Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Church news

So, what's been happening with the church? Well the sad news is that our family circumstances have changed and we are having to sell the church :( I'm not going to go into the details here but as you might well imagine there have been many hours of discussions and many tears. The church is up for sale with Pugh Auctions and you can see the details here. Just in case you want to buy a partially converted church in Todmorden :)

There are also more pictures of the inside here if you want to take a peek.


dropstitch said...

Oh bum. I was just lying in bed a few moments ago thinking, "I wonder what's happening with Lynsey's church," so I was excited to see this blog post pop up. But oh bum. At least you won't have to pack up all your books now. Onwards and upwards? Good luck with the sale x

WendyCarole said...

So sorry to hear your news. :( Sending you som ehugs in case you need them xx

Twiggy said...

That is a shame:(
Twiggy x

Vintage from the Village said...

Oh my goodness, sorry to hear that. Hope you win the lottery big time this week.
Sue xx

Pookledo said...

A big shame but life has to come first. Take care