Friday, 2 November 2007

Charity shops!

I had to go into town today to deposit a cheque (yeah) so obviously I had to visit the charity shops too as otherwise it would have been a wasted trip ;)

This time although I was looking for fabric I didn't find any - I found clothes for me instead!!

I love these boots - they are half a size too big but I have some insoles that will fix that. I'm also wearing tights today but would probably wear them with socks and that will help too.

This tank top is black although it looks slightly blue! I've been wanting a black one for ages to wear over my colourful shirts. It's also handmade too so that gives it bonus points!

This dress looks like it has been made for me - it fits perfectly! It has rhinestone details on the body and the belt buckle too. I might have to wear this on a night out - if we ever get a night out again!

And this is the piece de resistance - I bought it the other day for £5.99 and I LOVE it!! It fits like a dream and goes with most of my other clothes. The fact that it is bright too helps ;)

I did buy some other things but I will show them to you in another post!


Poisoned Apple Craft said...

Im loving that blue dress!!

Sam Gillespie said...

Me too, that dress is fab!

Sam Gillespie said...

Me again!
Just tagged you on my blog as you make me smile

Crystal said...

I LOVE the jacket. I am so jealous.

zannestar said...

oooh that jacket is such a find!