Thursday, 6 December 2007

Fabric heaven!!

That would be the scrapstore I visit - it's fab!!!! It has a great fabric room where you can choose fabric off the roll (or even take it with the roll if the cardboard tube is going to be any good to you), offcuts of fabric, bits of felt, wool, knitting patterns, ribbon, thread, leather bits, interfacing and lots more - and that's only one room!! You can also choose those big books that soft furnishing companies have to show you the whole fabric range without actually stocking it. I love those!! The first few pictures are of the fabric I have taken from them. The only trouble is that because I have weak wrists I tend to aggravate them by cutting the fabric out! Oh well, no pain no gain :)

I have an idea for this fabric but I'll have to see if it will work!

This waffle fabric is going to be used for something Christamassy for the Swirl household - just have to get of my bum and make it. And of course you can be assured that there will be pics and details once made!

At Sams they also offer classes - I often look longingly into that room because they have some beautiful children's fabrics that they use. However this week I was very pleased to see some in the fabric room! Two lots - a Noah's Ark fabric and a wonderful piece of travel themed fabric that is just fab!

This is the travel themed fabric - I love the London close up!

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Anonymous said...

Oooooooh! The waffle stuff looks good!