Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Preparation for the craft fair!

I know it's a bit odd to be writing this post after the craft fair but I was just soooo busy before it that I didn't have much time to blog. When Tara went down for her afternoon nap one day Anya decided that she wanted to be like Mummy and make things next to me. There's not enough room at the desk in the craft room so I decided to bring the sewing machine down into the dining room and that way I can sew while the girls play. Here's an action shot of Anya making Christmas cards.

She looks very pleased with herself! Here's an arty picture of the disco chicken being made - he'll be coming to my Etsy shop soon.

And the overall view of the dining room table where I have now located my sewing machine - it'll be so much easier to nip off and make something quickly now whereas before I had to make sure that girls had been to the loo and had drinks etc.

I'm hoping to get some photographs today of the products I made for the fair that aren't yet in my shop. I'll be sure to post when I do!!

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Anonymous said...

Heheheh! I have my stuff all over the table too!