Saturday, 15 December 2007

Kitch-en art gallery

So something good did come out of the craft fair that I did a couple of weeks ago. I got talking to some other stall holders and one of them Jayne, works in a gallery in Middlesbrough. She was taken with my chicken doorstops and told me about a exhibition that she was curating and suggested that I send some of my things in to them. So of course I did! Here's the website for the gallery - none of my stuff is in the photographs because it didn't get there until the day of the open evening! We are planning on calling in one day next week as Matt's mum and Dad live nearby so I'll hopefully get photos then.

When I was at the craft fair I bought one of Jayne's rings and it's fab! Please excuse the bad photo!

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picklesticks said...

Oh wow! Thats pretty exciting. I ometimes find that the contacts you make at markets are better than selling.