Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Now it's a well documented fact that I like recycling and in fact I try to reuse many things before they get to the recycling bin. Well I came across a site today where a guy and his family have built their own eco home for less than 3 grand - and it's fab!! Look here to see the site - I haven't put any pictures in here of it because I wasn't sure if it would be allowed but you can see pics of the house if you go to the site.

It got me thinking too - I do re-use a lot of stuff, recycle anything that can possibly be recycled, buy from charity shops (and donate unwanted things there too) , turn lights off (much to Matt's annoyance!) get friends to give me magazines they don't need (Hi Ruth and Simon) and lots, lots more but I always wonder what else I could be doing. I am guilty of leaving the radio playing to itself in the kitchen - and that's one thing I am trying to stop and I guess we could have the heating on a bit lower but the girls get cold easily. Should wrap them up warmer I suppose!

Anyway if any of you can think of other things that are easy to do (or even not so easy to do) then let me know in the comments! And because I try not to do posts with words only here's a picture of one of my favourite recycled things I make!


Deanne said...

wow, i spent ages looking through that website, that house is amazing isnt it, I'm quite jealous of it.

Anonymous said...

Low energy bulbs - we have them where ever we can and compost old food!

And give you old mags - more waiting for you!!!

Crystal said...

Are you an unplugger? I am turning into one and find its helping a bit. My roommates hate it because whenever they try to use the microwave, coffee pot, tv etc, its unplugged.