Thursday, 7 May 2009

Fuse Craft Collective

I went on a jolly jaunt today to Bolton to meet up with fellow members of the Fuse Craft Collective! I was late as I only read the invite as Tottington Church Hall which to my mind would mean the church hall in Tottington. I visited all 3 churches in Tottington and none of them were the correct one although there were a lovely bunch of ladies having a coffee morning in the Methodist Church who took a shine to Tara! I had a look at my A to Z of Lancashire and discovered that there was a Tottington Road in Bolton that has a church on it - as soon as I saw that I knew where to go! After a detour for a police incident I arrived at the hall at 10.45am - the meeting was from 10 til 12. I say meeting but I really mean chatting and having cups of tea and cake whilst making your choosen craft!

The lady in the teal jumper does fabulous cross stitch - with teeny tiny stitches. She must have infinite patience! The three ladies in the back are all card makers and had just learnt another technique from a different lady. The clown in the front on the chair is great and Tara was very taken with him!

A general view of everyone mingling and chatting!

And these ladies are making a banner for the group which will be displayed at any craft fairs we do. It's a collective piece and should look great when it's finished.

And I sold a Mod chicken doorstop to the lady who knit the clown - so well worth going and it was nice to sit and chat and craft with like minded people too :)


Tip Top said...

Wow!! Looks like you had a good morning (eventually!)

Daisie said...

Will join you next time (depending on day etc), looks like lots of fun and we can eat cake!

PS: word verification; ookermoo?

CurlyPops said...

That looks like so much fun!
It's always great to get together with other crafty minds and have some fun creating.

Jennifer Rose said...

everyone looks so happy concentrating on what they are doing :)