Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Some journals at last!!

Yeah - about time too! These are all in my Etsy shop ;)

I love this fabulous book and of course it has the honour of coming from a fantastic year - 1978. I think all things from that particular year are great :) I will be using the pages from the book that are salvageable to make envelopes and tags and as you can see I used the covers to make a notebook/journal. The 120 pages inside are unused reclaimed paper from a local company (via the scrapstore) that just changed their note paper!

I have already used the pages from this fantastic book to make (and sell) gift tags and again used the covers to make a notebook. This one has reclaimed paper pages and has 80 pages.

And this one is slightly different because I used proper bind it all chipboard covers and paper to make this one. I covered it in an incomplete Vogue pattern I got from the charity shop and used the model from the front of the envelope to give it some detail along with 3 vintage buttons. This one has 80 pages too.

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Twiggy said...

Very nice. I visited our local scrapstore for the first time yesterday, it was fab!!
twiggy x