Monday, 14 September 2009

My big girl!

I can't believe that Tara is now old enough to go to nursery - it doesn't seem 2 minutes since she was born yet alone 3 and a bit years! She was very eager to wear her uniform this morning!

We went for her first visit to nursery this morning - it was an hour to have a look round and a play with us there just in case she got worried/nervous/scared. Needless to say as soon as she saw the sand she was off and chatting to the other children there. Matt ended up fixing some robots for Mrs Wright the nursery teacher, and I sat and chatted with the other mums! She goes back for an hour by herself tomorrow which should be 9.30-10.30 but she is doing 9 til 10 as we drop Anya off and it seems silly to come back home to go straight back up! I think she will be fine and ready to start full time (9-11.30) on Wednesday.

It's a school nursery and her big sister is VERY excited that she will get to see Tara at playtime. I'll just have to think of what to do with that spare time! I'm sure I will think of something though ;)


Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

They are both so sweet! Yay for you :o)

CurlyPops said...

Awww that's so cute! Imagine all the extra time you're going to have....planning yet?

Tweed Thoughts said...

Such cute pics - but what on earth will you do with your time Lynsey, hehe! :)

Tip Top said...

Hehehehehe! She looks soooooo grown up!! And what fab socks!

Nic said...

Aww I hope she has a great time tomorrow. Don't get too much planned, I keep planning loads to do in my spare time and don't get it done then get annoyed!!

florcita said...

How sweet!My son started as soon as he turned 2. He was eager to go an play with other children. Since day 1 he just says "ok, bye mom" and runs inside. i feel bad because other moms stay, so I go in and stay a few minutes too but I get rushed away by my OWN son... I guess I should be happy that he adapts so well.
Good luck to you!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much your two have grown. Anya looks very grown up all of a sudden. Big steps for Tara too! I'm sure she'll love nursery. Rose has settled into reception nicely this week.
Hope you're all well,