Saturday, 12 December 2009

Busy busy!

Phew - what a couple of days! Yesterday (Friday) I was the offices of The Environment Agency in Warrington for their Green Fair. It was a small fair this year (as it was the first) but it was very well organised and attended too by the staff there. It was done to coincide with an initiative they were launching to reduce the waste they send to landfil and as a keen recycler they wanted to get me in to ensure it wasn't to 'worky' for the people attending. I also got lunch thrown in and was very good and managed to stay away from the two chocolate fountains!

Today I was back in Ilkley with the Keighley Arts Factory gang and Jo who did a grand job of organising and stall sitting when needed. So I am a little tired now and need to go and see what sold so I can re-open my shops :)

I was planning on putting these fabulous three language (English, German and French) Thomas the Tank Engine envelopes up into my shops this week but both sets sold at the fairs and there were only enough non-damaged pages to make two sets! I'm hoping to get round to turning the covers into a notebook soon.


june at noon said...

I just received my prize package of envelopes today! I especially love the tags you put in, too. Thanks so much. I'll be blogging about them soon.

Tip Top said...

Well done at both events - big pat on the back for you!! And you stayed away from the chocolate fountain x 2 - that is good!