Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Nice things!

Today's post was going to be about some goodies I got at the scrapstore this morning but you will have to wait until tomorrow for those! Instead I will be blogging about some goodies that arrived through the post for me today from the lovely Sarah at Noahs Ark Crafts.

We got 3 parcels wrapped up like this - mine didn't stay like this for long I must admit!

Tara opened hers to reveal a very cute gingerbread man ornament. He is special because he has her name and the year embroidered onto the back.

And here is what was in mine - my very own scarflace which is a cross between a necklace and a scarf - it goes well with my red and white dress! And I have to agree with Alex that it is very, very tricky to take a photograph of yourself!

Anya is still at school so hasn't opened hers yet but Tara is going to 'help' her open it when we get back! Thank you Sarah - we love them :)


Daisie said...

Your nose doesn't look too big in this shot but we can see right up it!!
Love the scraflace, suppose the words have to be blended that way otherwise it would have to be called a narf and that it is not!!

or necarf, now that would be funny!

made with love said...

Great gifts you have there.
Rachael XX

Jen Walshaw said...

I love the gingerbread decorations

strangelord said...

Is that by any chance a red print shirt dress from asda? If so I have the self same one!