Wednesday 2 December 2009

Scrapstore goodies

I promised you scrapstore goodies today and here they are. I also got some things not pictured like some ice blue velvet, some tinsel, some glitter, some cross stitch stuff, a huge piece of yellow felt (chicken beaks here I come!) and some things for the girls - I think it's going to be a picture heavy post as it is!

First up is this fabric - it's fabulous and I now have 2 pieces of it. I'm saving it for something really special :)

A local lingerie firm is moving to Leeds so they are getting rid of samples of their fabrics and lace.

They were also getting rid of their thread sample books - just look at those colours!! I have no idea what I am going to do with them and I think the lady in the scrapstore didn't take me seriously when I said I could hang the bottom one on the wall of my craft room for colour inspiration! Incidentally the bottom book is much larger than that with 4 more pages tucked away inside!

I got this roll of tickets as I can use them in my mixed media work - I won't use all of them though so if you would like some (limited to the first 10 people who want some) then let me know and I'll post some to you :)

I also got some fake grass - but this is for a nice lady who makes cute wee cows and horses - if she wants it that is!

Can I just say that I love my scrapstore and the very nice ladies who work there :)


Lynn said...

Some nice goodies there, I wish we had a scrap store in Doncaster.

Linden said...

I just love your idea of using the thread sample charts for colour inspiration!! I got a similar reaction when I bought some wool oddments from our local market and said I was going to crochet flower brooches with them (not really sure why, what's so odd about that, lol?!)

I *so* wish we had a scrapstore in Huddersfield...

Jen Walshaw said...

No scrapstore near me either - bah humbug

Twiggy said...

We go to the scrapstore in Leeds it's fab!!
Could I have some of your tickets please???
Twiggy x

Tweed Thoughts said...

You have such brilliant, creative ideas Lynsey - never ceases to amaze me! You will make some fab stuff with all these goodies :)

june at noon said...

Wow. Amazing finds! That first fabric is fantastic!

Unknown said...

oh how lucky you are! No scrapstore near me :( (or maybe that's positive for my bank account :))) )
pretty please, can I have some of your tickets?

Martina x x

Michelle said...

Hiya. Am totally addicted to your blog right now lol!! I know it was a while a go... But do you have any more of these tickets to hand out please?? They're so cool lol. If not, no worries :o) congrats on your bargains! Looking forward to seeing your 365 days of crafting continue :o) great idea :o)

Michelle x