Saturday, 26 December 2009

A change around!

I am in the process of moving all my mixed media artwork and Aceo's out of my Swirlyarts shop and into my Anya's Attic shop. When I asked for comments about my Swirlyarts shop most people said that the artwork didn't really fit in with the recycled/repurposed nature of the main shop and that I should open up another shop just for them. Instead of that I decided to move them to Anya's Attic where they fit in much better! And just as a reminder, here are some of the pieces that will move or have been moved so far.

I will be discontinuing my 'normal' drawn Aceo's and have reduced them to $1 each and you can find them here in my clearance section. There aren't many left now so hurry if you want one. Some I have already taken out of my shop and they may form part of a giveaway soon :)

I am having a big clear out in terms of stash and of made things so keep an eye out - I will let you know here of course first!

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