Monday 28 March 2011

Be warned - extreme mess ahead and a pledge!

If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me tweeting about tidying the craft room. However I'm not just tidying it, I am using up stuff instead of just putting it away - so cardboard is being punched into tags shapes rather than being piled up and fabric is being made into chicken shapes or business cards rather than being added to the scrap pile or being put on the shelves. If I had tidied up conventionally then it would have been tidier a lot quicker but this is what still waits me this morning.

My Desk

The other desk which hasn't been used for a while as it is piled high with stuff!

View from my door
Note you can't actually get in the door easily!

Big pile of stuff that has been moved from the stairs

Don't judge me!! So I have come to the conclusion that I have far too much stuff (Matt laughed and said had I only just realised that?) so I am not going to buy any craft stuff for two months. No buttons, no fabric, no pretty things! I am allowing myself some exemptions though.

1. I have been looking for a new sewing machine for a while - if I finally get round to sorting out what I want and find one then I am allowed to buy it.

2. I am excluding things like glue, thread, needles, sellotape etc as they are essentials. Buttons do not count as essentials!

3. I am allowed 1 thing a month - so if I see a roll of vintage fabric for 20p or a tin of buttons for 10p then I am allowed to buy it but I must use it/them (or part of) before the two months are up. BUT if I waste my 1 exception on vintage fabric and then see something else, tough!

Personally I think I could easily go for longer but we will see how I go with two months. Anyone else fancy joining me?


dropstitch said...

No, you're on your own! ;)

trash said...

That looks like my 'green house'. I can't actually get into it easily. Of course it isn't helped by having the soft top from my car wedged right in the middle!

Carrie said...

wow, ummmmmm good luck with that :)

june at noon said...

Good luck. That's definitely a slower way to clean up, but a more final way to do it, too. :)

june at noon said...

Good luck. That's definitely a slower way to clean up, but a more final way to do it, too. :)

Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

Though I need to, I am not joining in on this one. I do wonder if you could show how you make your business cards?
I want to make my own and am looking for some creative ideas to put my own look into.

clairep said...

Buttons are not essential????!!
YES THEY ARE!!!!!! ;)

Good luck! xx

stylesofcooking said...

Great post, very honest and brave of you to show photos! I dont feel quite so bad now as i think mine is only about half that bad!! But you are definately on your own in your pledge, sorry!!

Alison - Belovedly said...

My dining room was in a very similar state - if not slightly worse - up until a week or so ago when I decided enough was enough. My problem is the same - I simply have far far too much stuff, I've managed to sort it all out and get it tidied but am bursting at the seams still.

Your pledge - *takes a deep breath* - I'm with you on it!

Drastic times need drastic measures. I have a different set of exceptions though - I need to get a ruler to use with my rotary cutter and it's unlikely due to the vast amount of fabric I've got stashed but if a commission requires something I don't have then of course I will need to buy that too.

Kryshees said...

Hee hee... You are definately not on your own!!

Tho I did have to giggle at your doorway pics. :)

Now to get aroundyour pledge we could all swap craft bits!? x

Glassprimitif said...

I'm not judging you but now you have made a public pledge you may find you stick with it! My studio is cleaner than it has been in years but I doubt it will stay that way.