Friday, 25 March 2011

I'm going for a walk - do you fancy coming?

Those were the words muttered to my friend Susan on Thursday morning :) She said yes which I *think* she may have lived to regret later!

We walked up to this reservoir which is about a mile from Susan's house and one which I go to regularly. We had a nice walk round it and were on our way home when I mentioned that there was another way home and it would be more picturesque than walking along the road. Admitted I didn't know exactly whereabouts this route came out but I had walked it once before many years ago. So we set off on this path and eventually found the road we wanted. However to get back to Susan's house we would have had to walk up quite a big hill so I suggested that we try and go across the fields. A lady walking her dogs was very helpful at this point and said yes there was a path that way that would bring us out near the golf club which was roughly where we wanted to be. She also said that it wasn't much of a path but you could get along it (Susan stop laughing now!)

Me on 'the path' - the first part anyway. 'The path' is in inverted commas as that is how Susan kept referring to it!

'The path' was so good that it had lots of signs next to it suggesting that you might like to take care as there were steep drops and slopes. All was going well on 'the path' until we walked across a field that lead to the golf course. Then this happened.

Whilst crossing a particular boggy piece of grass I stepped on what looked like a lump of grass and indeed it was a lump of grass but it was perched quite nicely over a bog rather than on solid ground! Luckily as I stepped into the bog I landed on a hefty piece of grass that supported my weight.

Mmmmmmmm mud mixed with what smelt like cow muck! Mmmmmmm :)

I got some stares with that leg when we got back to the main road I can tell you! And please note that Susan took photographs of me in the bog before coming to help (she is a photographer after all) She also laughed but then so did I as it was bloody funny. Especially when only a few minutes before I had been talking about someone else I know who had fallen into a 3 foot hole that her husband had dug in the garden (he neglected to tell her and she was bringing in the washing in the dark!)

 I'm taking Susan and another friend walking on Monday but I have promised to stick to paths rather than 'paths' :)

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GiddyStuff said...

Very brave of you to tell the world! Wellies next time :)

Tweed Thoughts said...

Hee hee, great photos! Enjoy your next walk :)

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