Wednesday 2 March 2011

First jumble sale finds

It's such fun going to the sale as you never know what you will find. Matt grabbed some storage jars for us in his £3 bag* so these probably cost less than 50p for the set (there are two more of the green and red ones that are destined for the craft room!)

Now we didn't really need any more storage jars as the old ones were perfectly functional but they were shiny metal and almost impossible to keep clean.

See - shiny! These are now in the charity shop hopefully raising some money :)

I really like my new storage jars and blogging about them today fits in nicely with a post I saw over on The Really Good Life about second hand kitchenalia. A huge amount of the stuff in our kitchen is secondhand and very little matches which makes it fun I think! In fact if you look at the first picture again the Bob the Builder mug, the apple storage jars and the mug tree are all secondhand. In fact I must do a blog post about all the thrifted/gifted stuff in our kitchen.

*It's a 4 day sale and on the last day you can fill a black bin bag full of stuff for £3 - bargain! Although I do remember when it used to cost £1 per bag :)


louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

Cute jars! They look rather familiar - I think my neighbours had them when I was little! What a bargain as well.

Would love you see your thrifted/gifted kitchen list! :)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

My kitchen (and entire home!) is the same, we have all mis-matched 50s and 60s crockery and jars and I love it! I think the white jars were originally free with Esso Tiger Tokens (remember them?!)back in the 80s! Cool!

Twiggy said...

We used to have jars like that in my Mums kitchen in the 80s, super retro.
Twiggy x

flowertotmum said...

Hi there..came over from louisa's blog to have a nosy..those jars are ace..that brown check one my mum has the set in her kitchen..had them donkeys kitchen is a mix and match total junk shop find today is 7 metres of floral fabric for £3..yes thats right £3..bargain..