Sunday, 31 July 2011

Book - Vintage Fashion

The tag line is 'collecting and wearing designer classics'. I am never going to be able to afford to wear any designer fashion (unless I get lucky in the charity shops) but I do love vintage fashion and have several pieces that I wear regularly (not designer!) So when I spotted the book above in my Post Office for £1 I knew I had to have it! I'm going to show you some of my favourites below - some I admire because they are just beautiful and some it's the fabric that I like!

An Edwardian dress (1905) by a designer from Austria

Silk white and navy dress from the 1920's

A blouse from the mid 1930's

Harlequin wool felt coat from 1939

cactus green gown from 1941

Mexican 1950's circle skirt

Full skirts on dresses from the 1950's

Late 1960's Ossie Clark design with the print by Celia Birtwell.

Two more Ossie Clark/Celia Birtwell collaborations, this time from the 1970's.

Christian Dior drape dress from the mid 1970s

mid 1980's mini crin dress by Viviennne Westwood.

So a quick peek through the book - I could have shown you many, many more photographs but though that 13 was quite enough!


GiddyStuff said...

I love those Celia Birtwell prints, but guess i'll have to make do with the Celia Birtwell purse I boought in Boots in the January sale!
That book was a real find x

Girl_Industries said...

Great book, are there any Hermes photos? I love vintage Hermes (and modern, for that matter). My first graduate job was as an Executive Assistant to one of their Board members, and was given a lovely (but utterly incompatible with my, ahem, predominantly H&M/Top Shop/Gap-based 'look') scarf for my birthday when I worked for them. I wish it had been one of their belts or leather bracelets, instead, sigh...