Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A day in the life Tuesday 12th July

My day started earlier than I would have liked!

1.55am - get up to Tara as she has had a bad dream. Go for a wee and get a drink while I am up.

6.22am - alrm goes off. Ignore Radio 2 until news at 6.30am

6.30am - listen to news

6.33am - switch laptop on, check emails

6.41am - start letting people know that they have been featured on Cuteable today

6.45am - realise that it's Tuesday and I have forgotten to write a Craft Juice Tuesday post for Cuteable

6.46am - decide to write a CJ Wednesday post instead and start looking for cute stuff

6.50am  - dance in bed to We Love to Boogie by T Rex

6.51am  - keep deleting spam from cj while searching for cute

7.01am - listen to news and then go to wake girls up

7.02am - realise T is already up and is waking her sister and delete spam coments from Cuteable

7.02am - lagh at the spam comments and how people think they will get through the spam filter!

7.05am - wake Matt up and the delete spam emails from Cuteable

7.09am - nip laptop upstairs to charge and then go downstairs with girls and Matt for breakfast

7.09-7.55am - have breakfast, put a load of washing on, unload dishwasher, put more pots in dishwasher, make girls lunches, tidy kitchen a bit, send kids to get dressed

7.55-  8.35am - get dressed myself, do girls hair, tell Tara yet again to get dressed, brush teeth, fix a tissue box that is Boris and Bo's car,start uploading photos from yesterday to laptop, check emails again

8.35 - 9.10am school run, chat with a friend who has been ill, get milk from shop

9.15am - washing out as it's a gorgeous day!

9.25 - 12.30pm Hanging about in front room waiting for parcel to be delivered. Tidied, watched homes under the hammer and sewed up the binding on the second teddy quilt!

12.30-1.15pm lunchtime while reading a magazine

1.20-3.20pm up at school for Anya's sports day.

3.20pm - pick girls up

3.30pm - girls playing in front room, me checking emails again, Cuteable comments etc

4.00pm - parcel man finally turns up. Good job I wasn't waiting in all day - oh wait!

4.10pm - administer tablets to poorly husband and snacks to hungry girls

4.15-4.40pm stringing tags - it's a boring job but got to be done

4.41pm head downstairs to make a start on tea and sort lunchboxes, letters from school, washing, dishwasher etc

5.10pm - teatime which is raclette tonight. nom nom

5.40 6.30pm - finish tea and load dishwasher back up ready to go on in morning. Put another load of washing on. Hoover utility room and kitchen and mop floor. Finish reading my copy of The Week.

6.30pm -  upstairs to get girls ready for bed and nit comb their hair (glamorous!) and so that Tara can read her school book to us.

7.20pm - Bedtime for girls - time for me to go back upstairs to check emails.

7.26pm - get bored of checking emails upstairs and take laptop downstairs so I can watch Torchwood whilst working (catching up ready for new series on thursday night!!!)

7.28pm - top up my pepsi max and grab two rocky road pieces to eat :)

7.30 - 9.45pm watch Torchwood and write CJ Wednesday for Cuteable, check comments on Cuteable, delet yet more spam from email inboxes and Cuteable itself, list some things on Etsy and Folksy :)

9.45 - 10pm - read book in bed. Gone by Mo Hader if you are interested.

10pm - Light out and sleepy time!

So it wasn't a typical day as I didn't get much Swirlyarts work done in the morning or the afternoon actually - normally there is a good deal of work thrown in there for good measure! To see who else took part (you know you want to be nosey!) then check out Moosh.


theothermousie said...

Ha Swirly - seems like a typical day to me! Even when I don't feel I've done much, I know if if I wrote it all down I'd actually be shocked by what I'd achieved!

Tip Top said...

Its amazing when you write it all down - I should try that!!

Claire said...

That's a LOT of spam deleting! Thanks for joining in - Tip Top - join us next time!