Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wreck this Journal

I love my Wreck This Journal! It's such fun but scary at times too like when I had to crack the spine (I never, never, never crack spines on books) The girls have also been enthralled by what I have to do and stood watching when I threw it into the shower (briefly) and encouraged me to leave it a bit longer! Want to see?

Bent front page - it's even ripped in one place too.

I had to tear a page out and crumple it up. Rather than throwing it away though I stuck it into the book. And gave it a smiley face!

Crumpled from the shower

Lots of office supplies already but I still need to sort out the stapler!

The side view - it stays like this and won't close now :)

P.S. My friends little boy is out of hospital (thank goodness) and is recovering at home but it will be months before he is fully better. To top of this past couple of weeks, Anya now has an ear infection! Typical!


theothermousie said...

Swirly - I'm loving this idea - I had never come across it before. I'm really tempted for me and Tess - hee hee!

Thank you for sharing x

Twiggy said...

Oooo that is such a naughty idea, cracking book spines!! I couldn't bring mysef to do it, writing on books is just too naughty - we've been brought up to respect our books haven't we :)
Twiggy x

Carrie said...

My hubby has promised me he will buy me this book after showing it and another like it in a shop and then setting them down again even though I was weak at the knees and still think about that book everyday!!!!! LOVE YOURS. i too am terrified/excited by the thought of cracking the spine - eek!
(I'm so geeky when it comes to this book!

june at noon said...

I have that journal, but never got past the first few pages. I love that you kept the torn-out page. That will bother me a lot less than throwing it away. :)

Carrie said...

I can't break the Spine - it's pretty much the first thing to do! - Cold sweats

Libster said...

omg, love the idea of that book... got a few friends that will get into cold sweats over this one!!!