Monday 4 July 2011

Philatelic fun

Philately is the study of stamps and is different, so Wikipedia tells me, to stamp collecting. I spent 2 hours+ on Friday night sorting my collection of postage stamps into colour themes. Why, you say? Well look below!

Blue postage stamp stickers

Green postage stamp stickers
Orange and brown postage stamp stickers
Purple postage stamp stickers
Red and pink postage stamp stickers
Lots of postage stamps have been upcycled into stickers! I used to use postage stamps on my cards (back when I used to make cards) and I had a box full that wasn't being used. When I found them again recently I knew that they could be turned into stickers. Oh and the green ones were listed for half an hour last night before being featured in a treasury!

You can see the treasury here if you so wish :)

I have some more sorted into themes such as football, birds and *whispers* Christmas which should be coming soonish.

*Apologies to anyone who saw this post much shortened in their google reader last night- I clicked ctrl p and it published before I had change to write more than the title!


itsamistry said...

Oh what a great idea I have a bag of stamps somewhere (will have to dig them out).

I used stamps on my cards to (still do on the odd occasion).

theothermousie said...

They look beautiful all grouped together like that, love the brown & orange ones xxx

Tweed Thoughts said...

Fantastic - they look great sorted into different colour themes, very 'arty'! :)