Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Batch sewing

Now, those of you who read this blog and who are 'proper' seamstresses will probably say 'well of course' to my next comment. I have just discovered 'batch sewing'. That's a made up term by me - well I think it is anyway - to describe a new sewing 'thing' I have discovered. When I made up some of my chickens before I would always make them up in one go. Cut fabric, sew the bits together, add the zip, add eyes and then done. But I have just discovered that if I spend time cutting up all the material and pinning together in place, then start sewing two edges and then do all the zips, it saves so much time. It may sound daft and you will all be thinking 'but of course', but I am quite pleased! It means that I don't have the frustration of not finishing a whole chicken while Tara is asleep and getting frustrated with myself but I can say 'but I have cut out enough pieces to make 5 chickens! As you can guess, Tara doesn't sleep long!

I also have some work in progress to show you. It is at the very start of the project and looks very basic at the moment but hopefully it will be done soon. Well it's actually got to be done by the end of the month if I want to enter it into the Etsy Challenge. Better get my skates on then!!


picklesticks said...

Oooh, I love batch sewing. I love the feeling of finishing lots of things all at once (it makes me feel productive). Thanks for the lovely comments. I am making the daily prophet into a little newspaper. I don't think I could sell it (because its based on the one in the movie) but I would be happy to share it when its done. I love designing stationary and stuff. I will probably post it on my blog when I am done.

monique said...

Hi Lynsey,

I'm your swap partner in the sweet goodness swap. I have wanted to visit your blog sooner but it was just very hectic around here.
I'm allready having a lot of fun getting things for this swap ready.

You have a lovely blog, your chickens are very cute and what a great things you made with knitting needles!
I will look around on your blog a little more.
Have a great day.